Thailand #52: Can Kaset Go and Pomelo Inspire More Thai Startups to Succeed Globally?

Thailand is ranked 52nd on the global startup ecosystem index, according to StartupBlink, a world startup ecosystem map and research center. The country has been prioritizing the development of its startup ecosystem to ensure future economic growth. However, Thailand still faces many challenges in supporting entrepreneurs, including complicated paperwork and a shortage of investors and skilled talent.

Kaset Go is one of the successful startups in Thailand. It is an online community app for farmers that provides expert advice on solving agricultural problems and guarantees answers from farmers who share their knowledge on the Kaset Go platform. The app was launched by dtac and Yara Thailand in 2020 and has since attracted more than 150,000 downloads and over 100,000 registered users. Kaset Go aims to catalyze the digital transformation of Thailand’s agricultural sector by connecting farmers to reliable and real-time insights verified by agricultural experts.

Pomelo is another successful startup in Thailand. It is a fashion company that offers trendy clothing and accessories for women. Pomelo has been successful in expanding its business across Southeast Asia and has raised significant funding from investors.

The success of Kaset Go and Pomelo serves as an example for other startups in Thailand to follow. With the right support and resources, Thai startups have the potential to grow and thrive in the global market. The government’s efforts to build and drive its socioeconomic status through innovation have been demonstrated by Thailand’s rise in the global startup ecosystem ranking. The National Innovation Agency’s (NIA) executive director, Pun-arj Chairatana, believes that this scenario will propel the kingdom to the forefront of the global digital economy.

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