Tesla’s First Thai Service Center: A Bright Future for EVs in the Kingdom?

Tesla’s First Thai Service Center: A Bright Future for EVs in the Kingdom?

Tesla, the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced that it will open its first service center in Thailand by the end of this year. The service center will be located on Ramkhamhaeng Road in Bangkok and will feature a showroom, a service and delivery center, and an educational area where visitors can learn more about Tesla’s vehicles and technology. The company will introduce a maintenance service through its Tesla app that will allow clients to arrange service appointments directly from their smartphones or tablets. A special home charging package has also been introduced, which will provide convenient and suitable home charging installations for clients.

Meanwhile, the automaker announced plans to expand its supercharging network to seven stations across Thailand by the second quarter of this year. Currently, Tesla has three stations in Bangkok, located at CentralWorld, Central Rama 2, and Central Rama 3. In order to expand its EV market in the country, Tesla will organize a roadshow at Iconsiam from June 5 to August 31. The event will exhibit EV technologies and provide visitors with the opportunity to speak directly with Tesla experts.

Thailand’s electric vehicle (EV) market is expected to continue to gain momentum in 2023, with sales expected to reach between 25,000 and 35,000 units. The country has developed a favorably evolving policy environment to provide the right push to the EV market and accelerate the development of EV production and related value chain. Thailand aims to only sell zero-emission vehicles in the country from 2035 as it works to transform itself from a Southeast Asian hub for the production of conventional autos to one making electric cars.

The opening of Tesla’s first service center in Thailand is a significant step towards the growth of the electric vehicle market in the country. It provides Tesla owners and customers with convenient access to maintenance and repair services, as well as educational resources about Tesla’s vehicles and technology. The expansion of Tesla’s supercharging network and the introduction of new services such as the maintenance service through its app and home charging package further enhance the convenience of owning a Tesla vehicle in Thailand. This move by Tesla is likely to encourage further growth and adoption of electric vehicles in Thailand.

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