Thailand and Australia to Tighten Relations in Economic, Military, and Climate Cooperation

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin welcomed the Governor-General of Australia, David Hurley, on his official visit to Thailand. During this occasion, both parties discussed the overall relationship and cooperation, including:

In the economic aspect, the Prime Minister expressed his pleasure towards the “Invested: Australia’s Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040” report by Australia, which aims to enhance the economic potential between Australia and the Southeast Asian region, including Thailand. Both parties are confident that strategies presented in the report will serve as important tools to support economic engagement between each other.

Regarding trade and investment, the Prime Minister believes that Thailand and Australia should collaborate to enhance the potential of the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which will support an increase in the value and volume of trade between the two countries in the near future, including in the investment sector.

Cooperation on climate change adaptation is a field both parties deem important and agree to further enhance cooperation, especially in exchanging best practices and energy transition strategies.

Military cooperation is also a key pillar in the strategic partnership, with both nations having expressed satisfaction with the close military involvement, including joint training, personnel exchanges, and training programs. In addition, the Thai Prime Minister wishes to increase cooperation with Australia further.

Moreover, Prime Minister Srettha recognized the potential for further enhancing the people-to-people relationship between the citizens of both countries, particularly through educational exchanges.

In tourism, both Thailand and Australia are pleased with the number of tourists between the two countries. The Thai Prime Minister emphasized that the government prioritizes measures to support tourism, especially safety measures and facilitation for tourists.

Source: PRD

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