The Role of Excoinz in Safeguarding Thai Worker Remittances


Amidst Rising Overseas Worker Demand and Stricter Immigration Policies, Cryptocurrency Platforms like Excoinz Offer Secure and Efficient Financial Solutions for Thai Workers in Korea.

The overseas worker market, which has slowed down due to COVID-19, is rapidly recovering. Among many Asian countries, the overseas expansion of Filipino and Thai workers is rapidly progressing, and among them, Korea is the desired workplace for all Asians. The reason is high wages, and when comparing monthly salaries in Thailand or the Philippines, there is a nearly ten-fold difference.

However, in Korea, there are more cases of illegal immigration after visa-free entry than Thai people who enter the country with a formal visa, and the number of illegal immigrants once increased to 400,000 and then decreased to 100,000 during the COVID-19 period, but now it is on the rise again. As the number of Thais increases, the Korean government is also increasingly tightening its crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Most Thais staying in Korea often work at farms, manufacturing factories, and massage shops. Especially massage shops, which frequently crack down on illegal immigrants. Recently, when the Thais are arrested as an illegal immigrant, they will be forced to leave the country as early as 48 hours after being moved to a foreign detention center for forced departure. Foreigner detention centers are like prisons, making it difficult to contact the outside world. Therefore, when someone is arrested urgently, that person may not be able to organize luggage, and may leave the country without finding the money saved in the bank.

Recently, a big change in savings and remittance has begun in Korea among Thais in Korea. In other words, the money earned in Korea is frequently purchased and transferred to the Thai family in real time, or stored in your personal cryptocurrency wallet. In this case, cryptocurrency can be withdrawn in cash from Thailand at any time even if it is deported.

However, it is best to use the global cryptocurrency platform because ordinary Korean cryptocurrency exchanges are only available to Koreans. In particular, the number of users of the platform Excoinz is rapidly increasing for Thais living abroad. Excoinz is a trusted cryptocurrency P2P trading platform company with its headquarters in the United States and an Asian branch in the Philippines.

Excoinz is a platform that relays cryptocurrency transactions between individuals and when Thai people make a purchase in the platform, there is a Thai vendor who sells Tether(USDT) coin will kindly informs how to purchase it and how to send overseas in Thai. It is cheaper and safer than banks, and if users complete ID verification (KYC) with passport or Thai ID card, users can store or remit coins from your cryptocurrency wallet anywhere. Therefore, it can be very useful for Thais currently living in Korea. It is also important to make money in other countries but how to keep and send it to family is more inportant.

In a changing financial environment with the advent of cryptocurrencies, the use of new financial services such as Excoinz is now becoming a necessity, not an option.

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Excoinz is a leading P2P cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in the United States with a strategic branch in the Philippines, committed to offering its users seamless, secure, and efficient cryptocurrency management solutions. For more information,

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