Celebrity blogger loves to watch Chinese live stream durian sales, surprised by Taobao anchor’s “Chinese kung fu”

Celebrity blogger loves to watch Chinese live stream durian sales, surprised by Taobao anchor’s “Chinese kung fu”

Internet celebrity bloggers called “China Durian Live” a variety show, and Taobao anchors used “Chinese Kung Fu” to sell durian

Recently, the Internet celebrity blogger “米娜太酷辣” (@MinaSasi555) posted a video on YouTube titled “Falling in Love with binge-watching Chinese Durian Live stream sales”, which was recommended by the official channel and caused a large number of netizens to discuss.

It is understood that the blogger named มีนา (Mina), married to a Chinese man, currently lives in Beijing, China with her husband, and will post her daily life on her account. In the video, Mina said that he has recently loved watching the live broadcast of durian on the Taobao app, which is better than variety shows. As a Thai, she didn’t expect that in China, the anchor would use “Chinese kung fu” to sell fruits from her hometown. Taobao is a very popular online shopping app in China, selling everything from fruits and snacks to clothes and everything you can imagine.

From the video she posted, it can be seen that the Taobao anchor can accurately know the weight of the durian just by touching it with his hand; If you stare at the durian with your eyes, you will know how many rooms this durian has; There are even anchors who hold the thorns of the durian and break the durian directly with their bare hands without gloves. Mina firmly believes that these anchors must be “Chinese Kung Fu”. At the same time, Mina also experienced placing an order to buy Thai durian in the Taobao live broadcast room, and the durian she received tasted exactly the same as what she ate in Thailand.

The video attracted a large number of netizens to leave messages, “I also like to watch durian live broadcasts on Taobao, they definitely have kung fu”, “There are many fun things on Taobao besides durian”, “Taobao is definitely my favorite APP in China”.

According to the Chinese media “The Nation”, Thai durian exports to China will increase by 81.7% in 2023, reaching a record of more than 90 billion baht, accounting for 70% of China’s durian exports. Now it is the season when Thai durians are on the market in large quantities, and more and more Thai fresh durians are sold to Chinese consumers through Taobao live broadcast rooms, with affordable prices and good quality.

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