US woman sues a Thai restaurant for making ‘life-threatening’ spicy meatballs

An American woman sues a Thai restaurant in San Jose, California. Because the menu “Laab Tod” is very spicy to the point It was “inedible to humans and dangerous to life” and caused continuous health problems for two years.

The plaintiff is a San Jose-based neurologist, Harjasleen Valia, claims to have suffered “permanent bodily injury” after trying the Dragon Balls appetizer, a Thai dish of larb fries at Coup de Thai in Los Gatos on July 15, 2021.

The indictment document obtained by the American media states that Valia knows that this dish is spicy, but still ordered the dish to eat even though she “can’t eat spicy” and asked the waitress to help make this dish less spicy.

The lawsuit said Valia “felt that her entire mouth, palate, tongue, throat and nose burned” as soon as she ate the dish. In addition, such menus cause burning to the larynx. as well as the right nasal cavity to the esophagus as well

Valia sued both the restaurant and more than 20 employees on July 3 for negligence. Claiming that one of the most spicy dishes It was “unfit for human consumption” and “endangering life” and caused chronic health problems two years after ingestion.

However, it is unclear in the lawsuit that she stopped taking it as soon as she felt physically unwell, and it is unclear whether she finished the meal.

Laab Tod, dubbed Dragon Balls , is minced chicken mixed with spring onions, chopped kaffir lime leaves, cilantro, chili and roasted rice, according to Coup de Thai’s website , and the restaurant has warned customers that the $11 menu is spicy. With a picture of red chili seeds for consideration

Finally, Valia sued for damages for both medical expenses. loss of income and legal proceedings. Is this a kind of lawsuit troll?

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